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Soul City is a Nationally distributed Cable, Social, and Digital Media Network geared towards Urban communities worldwide, providing modern cutting-edge entertainment, education, and influence. We are uniquely and strategically designed to allow the creativity of the community to control their narrative and to let their voices and talents be heard. By combining new artists with the celebrity fan base, we have created the competitive edge and audience appeal that is lacking in today’s entertainment. We are the Social Authority of the Urban market with all things entertaining and soulful. We have access & Relationships with some of the top events in the world that engage Black America.

We Are The Gate Keepers To A market That You Should Have A Closer Relationship With

One of the best ways for any brand to become successful is to be accepted in Urban America. This holds true in just about every industry where the consumer is the judge and jury of how well a product does. Usually, it is a social and cultural thing that gives name recognition and allows certain brands to have a stranglehold on the minds of Urban America. In today's millennial world it is often accompanied by direct or indirect celebrity endorsements.

Soul City is the "Social Authority" for Urban America. We have the insight and pulse of what excites and moves the community towards brand acceptance and awareness. We have the machine to make any brand the center of the minds eye of Urban America. As Urban America goes so goes the world. This is especially true in entertainment and broadcasting. 

We do this through various high-profile events often with celebrity involvement that pushes millions online in social media to television. By engaging them in the programs and contest that gives them 1 or more of the following options: 1) A voice and opportunity to be heard on issues. 2) A chance at stardom 3) An opportunity to cost-effectively get a front-row seat with their favorite celebrity. With brand integration and live or virtual testing, we are the difference maker to success. 

Over the following few pages, we give you an insider's view of the programs and events that your brand can gain the acceptance and loyalty of Urban America. Your journey to the top of your industry starts now. We give your brand the Soul Injection to boost it past your competition.

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