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Embrace Community

The partnership between Your Brand and Soul City will be revolutionary and groundbreaking. It will set the bar for brand integration, action, sports & competition, and community concerns within the most sought after market in America. Our projects consists of established well known programs combined with new cutting edge programs all set to attract millions of people on a regular basis. 


Your partnership will be considered as a major factor in the Embrace Community project where you are leading the charge in proving that Opportunities Matter where it comes to community uplift therefore solidifying YOUR BRAND to the marketplace it was meant for.  


We will make history with the live stream concerts. YOUR BRAND will get all the press coverage with this Bold statement of Opportunities Matter. 


Our connection to the HBCUs will be a huge part of the events. Getting the Your Brand in front of Urban America through the iconic and historic events in Harlem as well as within the HBCU world will help to place Your brand into the hearts and minds of the Black community thus giving you first priority within your category.


Just imagine Your Brand being the choice for Black America, college students and the artistic communities? We see it. Let us help you to get a seat at the table and give everyone the opportunity to Be Great!


Join us in the making of history as we Embrace Community!

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